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Cutting through the red tape

Projects often include brand new, never before seen bugs, hidden complexities and problems with integrating the newest technologies into High Performance Compute (HPC) machines. We have to work with multiple vendors to solve customer challenges too. It is, by the very nature of what we do, expected and anticipated. It’s called the ‘bleeding edge’ for […]

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University of East Anglia Builds New HPC System for Diverse Users

We have recently completed a project with the University of East Anglia (UEA) for a new HPC cluster that I’m pleased to tell you about. The new cluster supports the University’s quest to bring HPC to greater numbers of non-traditional research users and sits at the heart of its existing HPC service. It has been […]

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The OpenStack Story – and why it’s not Virtualisation!

OpenStack is a fairly young project in terms of IT technology. It began when Rackspace and NASA jointly developed their own Infrastructure as a Service and launched their free cloud platform in 2010. We’ve only really started to see its adoption in the past two to three years. A new version of OpenStack is released […]

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