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GTC Europe 2017 – another roller coaster ride!

Myself and my colleague, Mahesh Pancholi, are fresh back from NVIDIA’s European GPU Technology Conference held in Munich. Jensen Huang, Founder, President and CEO of NVIDIA, started the event by delivering the keynote which set the tone for the three days, the main course being: The Volta V100 GPU The rise and rise of AI and […]

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The New Age of Aquarius

Is Intel’s processor dominance in HPC at an end? Is this the dawning of a new age? IBM’s POWER8 systems seem to be gaining some traction, especially with interest in the new Minsky platform, specifically the NVlink performance and integration into the system. Accelerator-based computation is progressively seen as a way of increasing HPC performance […]

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GTC 2016: Is this the final frontier?

For the first time, NVIDIA’s largest conference, the GPU Technology Conference, came to Europe. The hot topic of the conference has been Deep Learning on GPUs – this is, of course, a GPU technology event! Right from the get-go, from the Keynote to the talks and seminars of the event, it has all been about […]

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Has the time of the FPGA arrived?

In 2014, we talked about FPGAs and Bitcoin mining – oh, that’s so last year darling?! Well, actually, they’re still very relevant; in fact, more so than ever. FPGAs are now making it into the mainstream; a recent Register article shows an image of Intel Broadwell Xeon with a built FPGA, which is due out […]

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Are you a techie or a tech ‘no’?!

I’m not ashamed to say that a few of our customers know more about technology than our team at OCF. I know, what have I said?! Or, should I say they know more about technology specific to their science – let me explain. Many of our customers are world leading researchers and scientists working on […]

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Honest Gov – I didn’t know!

Back in March I wrote a blog article about Bitcoin and the parallels it has with HPC – and the emergence of FPGA. I think maybe this is now coming true. With the recent announcement of Intel’s own FPGA-tuned chips and, particularly with respect to OpenPower [both Xilinx and Altera are designing FPGA accelerators that […]

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Bitcoin and what can we learn for Exascale Computing

So, what is Bitcoin anyway? In a nutshell, it’s a digital currency that can be traded and used as a real currency. But, more importantly, anyone can create bitcoins by a process of mining, whereby a user runs a job to solve a cryptographic equation to uncover a bitcoin. All bitcoins are unique and, the […]

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iPhone 5S 64-bit processor: Faster than what?

Whilst driving home last week, I was listening to a technology radio programme that happened to be on. The commentator announced: “Apple’s new 64-bit processor is faster!” He then continued to say that because it was 64-bit, it was faster, but faster than what? A 32-bit processor? That’s not true all of the time. The […]

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