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HPC On Demand: Time For Software Vendors To Relax Their Grip?

The market for HPC-on-demand is maturing well – service providers have long since invested in state-of the-art server hardware and made this available to businesses around the world. The technology and service is safe, sufficiently secure, constantly refreshed and proven with early-adopters – in our case with customers like Engys, Simpact, HR Wallingford, BHR Group, […]

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Opening up the world of High Performance Computing

The adoption of High Performance Computing, and the success stories from those businesses that have successfully done so, grows on a daily basis. A recent article by the Special Interest Group of Technology Strategy Board Network  highlights the market sectors where HPC is gaining momentum, and the benefits that businesses are seeing from their investment. […]

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HPC on Demand: 2013 Review

The adoption rate for cloud computing, particularly in the UK, continues to astound even those who predicted rapid migration to cloud. Certainly, the major hardware vendors have to react very quickly to the change in the IT landscape, and for almost all this is a painful process. But will this rush to the cloud turn […]

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CFD – an On-Demand Service?

More and more CFD users are finding they have a requirement for large processing power. As simulations get more complex and with a higher resolution, users really need the extra compute power to get a sensible completion time on their tasks. Mesh sizes seem to be growing rapidly; I’ve seen engineers generate meshes of three […]

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FlowHD puts pay per use CFD on remote HPC

Engineers and analysts in the UK can now access XFlow Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] software via our 8,000-core enCORE HPC-on-demand service. For engineers in sectors such as manufacturing, design, science and architecture, the service will enable access to greater compute power than is possible on a personal desktop PC or local workstations; it will enable […]

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Unclear pricing could hinder cloud adoption

Central to the attraction of Cloud computing is the “pay for only what you use” claim made by almost all service providers. But look a little deeper within the contracts and you will often find that they are not quite as attractive as first appears. Hidden away in the small print of many cloud service […]

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enCORE: where we’ve come from and what the future holds

As 2012 comes to a close, it is worth considering where we’ve come from with the enCORE HPC on-Demand service, and what the future holds. There has been much written about general cloud computing again in 2012, and in the UK much of the industry comment has focused on G-Cloudii, the second phase of the […]

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Result! enCORE 2 – GCloud 2

October has been a month of ‘twos’ for the enCORE team at OCF. Firstly, we re-launched our enCORE HPC-on-Demand service with an additional 8,000 cores of vital processing power for business, research and academic use. We are already seeing significant interest in the service and the business benefits it delivers. Second, we have just made […]

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