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Industry 4.0: Manufacturers Need a Nudge in the Right Direction

This year’s Annual Manufacturing Report [AMR] – published by Hennik Research – and produced with support from The Manufacturer and a cohort of other big industry names has really spelled out the challenge of helping manufacturers transform. There are some amazing, innovative new ideas on the market just waiting to make a difference to their […]

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Can Analytics Save the NHS from Collapse?

As I’m sure every NHS manager reading this right now knows – demand from patients in the NHS comes in enormous peaks and troughs, which really hurts performance and budgets. If you plan for peaks you have too many underutilised resources during quiet times and, if you plan for the troughs, you can’t meet the […]

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Data and Analytics – Getting the basics right

The winning organisations over the next 5 years will be determined by which are best able to harness and exploit data to their advantage. The winners will be organisations that operate closed loop insight driven processes that are aligned to their strategic business goals. The losers will either observe this data revolution without meaningfully acting, […]

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Not sure where to begin with analytics?

Deloitte recently compiled a survey of 500 mid-size companies in the USA to understand the top technology trends affecting their business. Almost half of the respondents (48%) said that technology was a critical differentiator and key to growth. As a proponent of big data and analytics I was very interested to see if either of […]

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Big data: the perfect storm waiting to be sailed

I regularly speak with customers, partners, prospects and industry experts about the challenges and opportunities big data presents and the most common, recurring problem is the lack of skills within a company. There are many SMEs that would like to capitalise on the promise of big data but simply don’t have the in-house capabilities to […]

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What’s Eating Hadoop’s Lunch?

In a few short years, Hadoop has become one of the most talked about technology innovations of the current decade. Backed by Yahoo and boasting Tesco, Google and Amazon as customers, it is gaining traction in the market. We’ve provided proof of concept projects using Hadoop, including for a global drinks manufacturer, so we know companies […]

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‘Everything’s Connected’ Internet of Things event

We recently held a very successful ‘Everything’s Connected’ event looking at the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the manufacturing industry. The event was focused on helping our customers understand the implications of real time access to data and demonstrating how the IoT can improve decision-making in manufacturing. Dominic Bramley, who runs the […]

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Big Data Innovation Hub to Help Organisations Extract Insight and Value from Data

At the beginning of the month the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre launched its new Big Data Innovation Hub. Available to small businesses, the Hub makes a wealth of big data and analytics technology available. It has the potential to be a fantastic facility enabling business to identify value in their data using […]

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