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HPC 2017 Part 3: Making Waves in the Market

In my final post on HPC in 2017, I’ll be discussing the HPC channel, suppliers and challenges they face.

There are lots of technologies and companies, alongside OCF, making waves in the HPC market. NVIDIA is ‘going great guns’, for example. In 2017, there will be an increased emphasis on accelerators –which should benefit NVIDIA further – but a word of warning Intel’s ‘Knights Hill’ will give them some competition!

Otherwise, in terms of the channel, there is lots of consolidation. Dell is having fun with integrating EMC and, of course, HP bought SGI, after splitting itself in two. Lenovo somehow has to build its data centre business, whilst at the same time, maintain or increase shares in its desktop and laptop.

Luckily, OCF’s HPC channel is fairly focused. The golden rule of the channel is to get big, get niche or get out. If you don’t add value in the value chain, it won’t be long before you’re gone!

The one issue that all HPC businesses will face in 2017 is accessing the right people. Good technical people don’t grow on trees. It’s always a challenge to find them, and retaining and investing in people is the key to success going forward; once you’ve got good people, you don’t want to lose them.

It seems that children coming out of school these days can do basic things with IT and Microsoft applications, but they can’t do anything really useful for us, such as programming or coding. There are, luckily, initiatives to help that. For example, we’re involved in the Bloodhound Supersonic car initiative; we have some Bloodhound ambassadors who allow schools to play with the process of designing cars. The ambassadors provide the software and take the car to the school – bringing the experience to them.

That’s it for predictions this year, but we’d welcome any views or opinions on our last three posts.


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