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OCF enCORE puts you in control of your HPC needs. This highly scalable compute facility can be accessed on a pay-as-you-go basis, via the internet.

All you have to do is register, log on and begin running jobs in your own secure area. There’s no need to worry about data centre space, power, cooling, implementing and maintaining your own cluster. 

The enCORE Service is cost effective because we can tap into it when required, without the need to tie up a lot of capital for the occasional use of HPC services."
Dr David Kelsall, BHR Group


enCORE gives you direct access to a state-of-the-art IBM iDataPlex and NeXtScale HPC clusters with InfiniBand interconnects, GPU nodes and high speed IBM storage, which deliver a truly scalable, high performance computing resource. It cleverly adapts to the compute environment you need for each individual project.

Your designated home area will help you to monitor progress and download the results of all your individual jobs. It quickly deploys the resource you need to meet your demanding business requirements and offers the best price and performance available for this type of service.

It has been designed to ensure total security for your data and your identity. Download the full security guide to learn more.



The clusters are made up of high density compute nodes and high speed IBM Spectrum Scale storage, allowing you to execute compute jobs on the physical cores of the compute nodes. This secure HPC environment allows you to execute compute jobs on the physical cores of the compute nodes. The compute nodes are not virtualised, thus ensuring maximum performance and security. FDR Infiniband interconnects and a localised network ensures maximum HPC performance.

The default operating system is 64 bit CentOS and each IBM CPU compute node comprises:

  • Phase 1: Two Intel SandyBridge E5-2670 8-core CPUs with either 36Gb or 128 Gb RAM
  • Phase 2: Two Intel IvyBridge E5-2697 CPU 12 core CPUs with 64Gb RAM. 42 nodes on Phase 2 have the Intel Phi 5110P accelerator for lightning fast performance.

Partnership with the Hartree Centre

The Hartree Centre, a collaboration between the Science and Technology Facilities Council, IBM and other key partners including OCF, is here to help your organisation to explore and exploit possibilities and opportunities. From squeezing value out of big data to developing software for next generation supercomputers, it’s our mission to deliver HPC and complementary expertise on an easy to access and use basis.

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An annual fee of £350 is all it takes to run your account with up to five registered users. Additional users may be added for a small, incremental fee.

Compute usage is charged according to the core hours used. For example, a job running on a compute node for one hour = 1 core hour and the minimum charge per compute job is one node (24 cores) for one hour, therefore 24 core hours. Compute charges start at less than £0.075 per core hour, with discounted rates for high use customers.

Case Studies

Flow HD

FlowHD, which is the sole UK reseller of XFlow CFD application, needed flexible and cost effective access to a modern HPC cluster to deliver its solution to a major automotive manufacturer. With the OCF enCORE service, FlowHD were able to deliver a full SaaS solution to their client, providing remote visualisation for pre and post processing, and the ability to submit compute jobs using up to 2,000 CPU cores.

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QED Naval

QED Naval, a specialist, engineering consultancy in the field of marine renewable energy, wanted a faster and more efficient way to run complex simulations to increase the speed of learning, without huge cost implications.

Their trial of encore has now extended into full commercial use and is helping to drive vastly improved simulation times and improving their competitive edge.

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OCF worked with Simpact Engineering to upscale CPU capacity. The result is that Simpact's LS-DYNA 3D models delivered optimum performance on 128 CPU cores, and the challenging project timescales were met. They can now meet the demand from large OEMs, which wasn't previously possible.

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Engineering R&D consultancy Menatech Limited have used flexible supercomputing resources accessed via our enCORE HPC on demand service

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"Using enCORE enables us to deliver very large HPC simulation projects at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to realise these capabilities in-house. As a result, we can take on board new business with reduced scheduling concerns as enCORE provides the ideal platform for dealing with peak load demands."

Andrew Jackson, Head of Development, Engys Ltd

"We used the enCORE service ourselves to test Fluent CFD solver cases, specifically airflow over naval ships to understand the characteristics of air wake on helicopter landing decks. The enCORE service was capable of processing some of our cases twice as fast as previously possible."

James Forrest, Virtual Engineering Centre

"Access to enCORE services has allowed QED Naval to compete with corporate level capabilities and increase the size of models with the power to run the projects faster and more efficiently but with SME overheads which provides greater value for money to our clients. In short, access to the OCF enCORE services increases our speed of learning."

Jeremy Smith, QED Naval

"We were able to access a lot of technical support from OCF, all staff were very willing and happy to respond."

Nicolas Tonello, Director, Renuda

"With the use of the enCORE hardware we are now able to run large models in less than half the elapsed time. This has had a significant impact on our product development process."

Tim Williams, joint founder and Director, Simpact

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