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Oracle moving out of HPC??

This morning I read an article on Channel Register about Oracle moving out of the HPC market. If this proves to be true, it is regrettable. I agree with the writer, Dan Olds, that HPC is the birthplace of IT innovation. Inevitably, by reducing the HPC market by one, we will witness a reduction in […]

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BBC visits Southampton supercomputer

Oz Parchment, infrastructure services manager at The University of Southampton shows BBC broadcast journalist, Jeff Baird, around the University’s Iridis III supercomputer.  

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Peer 1 launches GPU compute cloud

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Peer 1 Hosting had become the first company to create a CPU-GPU hybrid cloud that supports HPC system workloads. The service is built using Nvidia’s GPUs and comes loaded with the RealityServer application, an application that provides interactive and photorealistic applications remotely over the internet.

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HPC Software Losing Ground to Hardware Parallelism

There is a very interesting story today on HPCwire which quotes Steve Conway from IDC suggesting that HPC software may have to be re-written to take advantage of the current crop of multi-Teraflop and Petaflop HPC systems. I completely agree. Some applications are ‘embarrassingly parallel’ and scale very well, but a lot of applications simply don’t. […]

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