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Knights Ferry makes porting to GPU HPC easier?

Intel’s new, planned GPGPU, current codename Knights Ferry, could finally make porting of existing software apps onto GPU-based high performance server clusters easier. In this recent article on HPCwire, Comparing GPUs and CPUs, it is highlighted that: “The GPU remains a specialised processor, and its performance in graphics computation belies a host of difficulties to […]

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CRN Channel Awards 2011

Venue: Batersea Park Events Arena, London

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IP Expo

Venue: Earls Court 2, London

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enCORE On-demand service goes live

The enCORE service, providing access to a HPC cluster via an on-demand model, has been launched after a highly successful pilot testing period. Seven companies from the aeronautics, automotive and engineering industries have been involved in extensive testing of the service.  Two universities have also evaluated the performance of the cluster’s GPU nodes. Feedback from […]

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University of Birmingham’s storage architecture helps to discover the lost land of our ancestors

The University of Birmingham is just weeks away from discovering the true make-up of the UK’s landscape dating back 12,000 years thanks to a new IBM-based storage solution built by OCF. The solution has massively reduced the project’s completion time from potentially decades to just two years due to its ability to rapidly recall, store […]

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DatacenterDynamics UK Roadshow

From new builds to retrofits, from collocation to Platform-as-a-Service, from Software-as-a-Service to building your data centre capacity in the cloud, what are the options most appropriate to your organisation? This panel explores an enterprise’s strategic options for accommodating its growing data centre needs, weighing up the economic benefits, the risks, and the performance characteristics of […]

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