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Texas Memory Systems is rewriting the SSD rule book…..with a little help from us!

The phrases biggest and fastest are words used too freely in the IT world, claims are made with little, often no substantive evidence. That cannot be said of Texas Memory Systems, who we have just signed a partner agreement with, and their range of SSD products. Check out what Chris Mellor from The Register has […]

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TERATEC 2011 Forum Ecole Polytechnique (Palaiseau, Paris area) TERATEC 2011 will focus on High Performance Computing and Systems Design TERATEC brings together top international experts in high performance numerical design and simulation, making it the major event in France and in Europe in this field. It reaffirms the strategic importance of these technologies for developing […]

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Data Centre cooling flexibility at Durham

The Register told us recently that data centre efficiency is a constant struggle. Space constraints, power constraints, power costs, power utilisation and cooling cause major headaches. It’s this latter point that interests me. When building our server and storage cluster at Durham we talked to dozens of manufacturers, resellers, integrators such as OCF and chilling […]

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Durham’s COSMA4 live and fully operational!

Our latest server and storage cluster at the University of Durham, COSMA4 is now live and fully operational. Apart from a small ‘hiccup’, with heat build up between the system and water-cooling door, it is running very well. The server cluster is doing exactly what it was designed to do; it is giving users more […]

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