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$2.1m investment might take Lustre mainstream

The announcement last week that Whamcloud (the start-up created to continue development of Lustre) has secured funds from OpenSFS to enhance Lustre’s features and functions, is a step in the right direction. The investment certainly demonstrates that Lustre is a supported environment; it shows clear direction and should give open source customers more confidence that […]

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120PB IBM storage array has great potential

Last week IBM announced it was building a storage array comprising 200,000 hard disk drives that run together, providing 120PB of storage capacity in a single container. The array will use IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS), to open and manage data across the disks. This is exciting news for a few reasons, for example: […]

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Photo story: Durham adds server power & expands storage to 1PB

Our work at Durham University continues. The world-leading Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) has upgraded its server and storage cluster, COSMA4. The new cluster, now with 1.1 PetaByte of storage and 2992 cores, will support essential new research including two significant projects into galaxy formation and the fate of gas outside of galaxies. Originally launched in […]

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Warwick’s £1.3m Cluster Supports Hundreds of Research Projects

We have just finished the deployment of a new server and storage cluster based at University of Warwick’s Centre for Scientific Computing (CSC). It will support the simulation requirements of literally hundreds of new and existing research projects. It will enable researchers to create finer scale and more realistic simulation models, create more test scenarios […]

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