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IBM’s Platform Acquisition: Is it the end for Platform’s Cluster Manager?

The planned purchase of Platform Computing by Big Blue (reported on CloudPro this morning) raises a few questions on how IBM will continue to operate in the HPC and cloud market. On the one hand IBM has invested heavily in xCAT, the cluster management system, which powers some of the largest supercomputers in the World such […]

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Heck, Durham: extra effort made to get optimal “performance” from Gov’ money

The announcement last week that the UK Government was planning to invest £145m in HPC was quite surprising considering the Government’s equal need to save money. However, it is a very wise decision. For the UK science and technology industry to stay in the league of ‘the big players’ it is vital to have access […]

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Event Report: GPFS User Group

I recently attended the third meeting of the GPFS User Group. The group was initiated by OCF and as group secretary, I’ve been involved in co-ordinating the agendas and promoting the group.  ‘Conceived’ in November 2010, the group aims to bring together GPFS Users, regardless of their depth of experience, to discuss the benefits and […]

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Community must hold Gov to account ensuring £145m materialises

Yesterday, the UK government announced a £145m investment in High Performance Computing. How could anyone argue against the bones of this announcement? It seems like great news. It is a very large sum of money. There will be more than enough demand for the funds from research driven UK universities. If the UK’s seven Research Councils […]

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