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OCF 10-year anniversary series, part III: What problems does the industry continue to face?

The HPC industry continues to face problems. First, the sheer speed of advance in processor technology is disruptive because it creates more power to be applied to a problem and software developments can’t keep up with processor changes. Second, the cost and ability to access energy is a large problem. As a result, customers really have […]

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OCF 10-year anniversary series, part II: What’s driving change in the HPC ‘World’?

The expansion of the high performance computing market, particularly into the private sector, is being driven by better awareness of how server clusters (and high performance computing in general) can support a mainstream business. Market growth is also partly driven by reduction in cost per Teraflop. The Linux cluster has brought affordability right down. For […]

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OCF 10-year anniversary series, part I: What did the HPC ’World’ look like in 2002?

Back in 2002, our customers – mostly universities – were buying high performance computers in the form of appliances to run a single application code, to generate a dataset for further analysis and review. It was very rare to find a customer needing a complex solution to support multiple departments, multiple users and multiple application […]

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