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Acquisition of WhamCloud Drives Intel’s Lust(re) for File System dominance?

This week Intel announced its acquisition of WhamCloud. WhamCloud is the start-up created to continue development of the open-source file system Lustre. Intel’s acquisition is not insignificant. WhamCloud had already previously secured $2.1m funds from OpenSFS to enhance Lustre’s features and functions. See previous post. EMC recently announced the launch of a Lustre based storage appliance. Plus, as […]

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Arif Ali: An evolutionary decade in HPC

I haven’t quite managed a full 10-years in the HPC industry yet, but I’m only a few months short and I really wanted to talk about the past decade nonetheless, just so much has happened. None of it is a surprise I’ll hasten to add [not because of a crystal ball] but because its been […]

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