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Demystifying big data analytics: calculating ROI

IT projects are notoriously difficult to justify with a ROI (I should know I’ve been involved in many over the years) and this isn’t because of invalid cost justifications. It’s more to do with the fact that traditionally IT people just aren’t always very good with financial stuff! Big data analytic projects are no different. […]

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Big Data Analytics Drives Big Science 2

 The National Science Foundation defines Big Data in their paper “Core Techniques and Technologies for Advancing Big Data Science & Engineering” as large, diverse, complex, longitudinal, and/or distributed data sets generated from instruments, sensors, Internet transactions, email, video, click streams, and/or all other digital sources available today and in the future. And just so we […]

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BlueBEAR producing research simulations in less time

Researchers across the University of Birmingham using a centrally funded High Performance Computing (HPC) service will now benefit from additional modeling power and a wider range of services following a complete replacement of their previous HPC system, which had been installed in 2007. The University of Birmingham also provides additional compute power to GridPP, a […]

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ISC’13 still topped by big data and cloud

This year’s ISC ‘13 Conference in Leipzig, Germany was well worth the visit.  I had the chance to attend a couple of tutorials prior to the show’s official start.  The first was a hands-on technical session on Intel’s Xeon Phi taken by the administrators of Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) based at the University of […]

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