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Machine Evaluation Workshop

Venue: Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

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Part 1: Day in the life of a HPC manager: shutting down a Top 4 server cluster safely

In 2013, we made big changes to our server cluster, The Cosmology Machine [COSMA], swelling its infrastructure to boast 9856 CPU cores and 4096 GPU cores. Designed and integrated by the team at OCF, COSMA is now made-up of two machines: COSMA5, which uses IBM and DDN technology infrastructure and our existing cluster, COSMA4 (originally […]

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FlowHD puts pay per use CFD on remote HPC

Engineers and analysts in the UK can now access XFlow Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] software via our 8,000-core enCORE HPC-on-demand service. For engineers in sectors such as manufacturing, design, science and architecture, the service will enable access to greater compute power than is possible on a personal desktop PC or local workstations; it will enable […]

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