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OCF Big Data 101 – Sheffield

Venue: Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield For further information please visit:

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CFD – an On-Demand Service?

More and more CFD users are finding they have a requirement for large processing power. As simulations get more complex and with a higher resolution, users really need the extra compute power to get a sensible completion time on their tasks. Mesh sizes seem to be growing rapidly; I’ve seen engineers generate meshes of three […]

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Part 2: Day in the life of a HPC manager: shutting down a HPC storage system

As Senior Computer Manager in the Department of Physics one of my biggest challenges is safely shutting down and powering-off our server cluster COSMA and its storage system. You might laugh, but this is not as unusual as it sounds. When we have certain electrical works to be done, the power has to be removed […]

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