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Reflections on the latest IDC Study on trends in HPC usage and spending

I read with interest the IDC study on the latest trends in HPC usage and spending released last month. What surprised me more than anything was that whilst HPC usage has obviously grown significantly, there was no mention of the huge environmental and cost implications this would create with the increase in power usage and heat. […]

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IDC: Hadoop commonly used with other big data analytics systems

I read a thought-provoking article on ComputerWorld recently regarding use of Hadoop. It claims an IDC survey shows 32 per cent of companies are deploying Hadoop. I have to assume these are relatively large organisations; I really can’t imagine such a high percentage across a broad spectrum of companies working with the framework. It would […]

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University of Southampton Supercomputer: Innovation of Technology

One week after the University of Southampton switched-on its latest, most-powerful supercomputer, Iridis4, I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the innovative technology behind the deployment. Firstly, we integrated IBM GPFS again, however, this time we opted for using IBM’s GPFS Storage Server (GSS). To our knowledge, this is […]

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iPhone 5S 64-bit processor: Faster than what?

Whilst driving home last week, I was listening to a technology radio programme that happened to be on. The commentator announced: “Apple’s new 64-bit processor is faster!” He then continued to say that because it was 64-bit, it was faster, but faster than what? A 32-bit processor? That’s not true all of the time. The […]

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