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Part 2: Predictions for HPC in 2015 – Technology perspective

Whether an organisation is purchasing HPC power for science & research or for commercially driven motives, it’s essential to keep adopting the latest technological solutions to meet those bigger challenges I mentioned in Part 1 of my HPC predictions blog. The push toward Exascale is always quite exciting – the industry utopia for power and […]

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Part 1: Predictions for HPC in 2015 – the UK and beyond

So what we can expect from the HPC industry in the UK and further afield in 2015? IDC expects the overall HPC technical server market to grow at a healthy 7.4 per cent yearly rate with revenues reaching $14.7 billion by 2018. I think that much of those sales will be driven by national science […]

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Lenovo’s strong message to the World

The deed is done; Lenovo has officially completed the integration of IBM’s x86 server business in the UK and Ireland, acquired in 2014. In the coming years, I expect to see Lenovo send a strong message to the World. The team successfully took IBM’s flagging PC business and turned it into something great [the World’s […]

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