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Celebrating HPC and research at UCL

Last month saw the official launch of University College London’s brand new High Performance Computing system, Grace. Julian Fielden, Managing Director at OCF, provider of high performance computing, storage and data analytics, provides a recap of the day’s event. Our customers are able to achieve amazing things – from discovering the origins of the Universe […]

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Working with the cloud at eMedLab

The dust is just beginning to settle on a busy few months integrating a new cloud HPC system for hundreds of world-leading biomedical researchers working at eMedLab. You might have read about the successful launch on Computing or Computer Weekly. The system is one of the first in the UK and is technically innovative, hence […]

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Breathing new life into xCAT

I read an article recently on The Next Platform stating that Lenovo is to breathe new life into xCAT cluster manager. It was of particular interest to me because in the early days of xCAT I worked heavily on development beta testing – designing and developing various scripts and plugins. Myself and the team at […]

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Has the time of the FPGA arrived?

In 2014, we talked about FPGAs and Bitcoin mining – oh, that’s so last year darling?! Well, actually, they’re still very relevant; in fact, more so than ever. FPGAs are now making it into the mainstream; a recent Register article shows an image of Intel Broadwell Xeon with a built FPGA, which is due out […]

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