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Supported OpenStack in 2015


2015 should be a good year for the OpenStack cloud operating system

2015 should be a good year for the OpenStack cloud operating system. It successfully integrates a lot of different pieces of the cloud jigsaw: storage, networking and compute.

We’ve been seeing a lot of interest from customers in the messaging behind OpenStack – i.e. don’t get locked into proprietary compute, storage or networking infrastructure, increase productivity by simplifying infrastructure management and provisioning, easily access private or public cloud services, etc.

Of all the benefits, the real popularity stems from the fact that OpenStack will work on any hardware, so there are no issues with ‘vendor lock in’. Ultimately, OpenStack is enabling a much more customisable data centre than ever before.

OpenStack is essentially a ‘bag of bits’, but Red Hat particularly has done a good job at bringing it all together and there are so many vendors ‘bought into it’ also; there is a lot of progress being made to create a supportive marketplace. I think that supported OpenStack will be an interesting development next year.

From a customer perspective, there are some big names already using OpenStack including CERN and BMW. This alone is evidence that the messaging is getting through now, and we’re likely to see that interest continue to grow in 2015. OCF also has three projects in development and we’re expecting to see more as interest grows in open-source cloud computing.

OpenStack user group
Such is the interest in the open-source cloud computing platform that we have established a technical OpenStack user group, which is supported by Red Hat. Quite simply, it’s a forum for users of the platform, and those interesting in using or integrating OpenStack, to learn, develop and grow their skills. It is open to users from a wide range of industries and it isn’t sector specific. Feel free to drop us a line if you want more information on the user group:

We’re really encouraged by the level of interest and, if at all possible, we would want to supply more customers with a supported offering! Feel free to get in touch or leave a comment below to discuss OpenStack.