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Where Digital Meets Manufacturing

‘Digital Meets Manufacturing’ is the focus for this year’s Factory 2050 Conference (#F2050), over the next two days (4th-5th October 2017). Held at the AMRC Factory 2050, it is the UK’s first totally reconfigurable, digital factory for collaborative research and first building to be completed on the University of Sheffield’s new Advanced Manufacturing Campus. The event promises to bring together an elite group of manufacturing and technology professionals (including IBM, SAS, UTC Aerospace Systems and Airbus) who will explore the benefits of advanced connected manufacturing technologies.

A word that no doubt will be top of mind is Industry 4.0 – the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Fundamentally, Industry 4.0 relies on connected data. If the data isn’t accessible then organisations simply can’t manage and improve performance. Manufacturers need help to access data that’s already in production facilities; help to see and make decisions and help to move them along the technology road map.

For me, data is obviously key so I’ll be holding a session on ‘Manufacturing Productivity & Profitability delivered with Data Analytics’. I look forward to sharing my opinions on how data & analytics can help the manufacturing industry and how with the right support, manufacturers can experience clear benefits such as increasing margin, outputs and quality.

Join Cliff at the AMRC F2050 on 5th October at 10am for his session on ‘Manufacturing Productivity & Profitability delivered with Data Analytics’.