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Your cloud requirements are unique and OCF’s range of Cloud Services are designed to ensure you get the best of all worlds.  We provide consultancy to help you on your cloud journey; whether that’s private, public or hybrid cloud and container infrastructure and services for your digital transformation; and management platforms to help you keep it all under control.  We understand your business challenges and will be with you from design to operating.

Technology Partners

Our network of technology partners enables us to create tailor-made solutions that exceed your expectations. Our strong partnerships help us to make sure that you receive the highest standards of service and the best technology to suit your varied requirements.


We’ve been at the forefront of cloud deployments for several years assisting research establishments in managing their data effectively.

OCF has built a pedigree in hybrid HPC and OpenStack deployments. For example, the University of Exeter project is capable of bursting from HPC into OpenStack and, should the need arise, of bursting to public cloud from OpenStack as well. OpenStack can absorb and scale additional hypervisors should service demand making this a flexible and future-proof offering. In 2017, our customer MRC eMedLab won the UK Cloud Awards for the ‘Best Public Sector Project’ category. You can read more about this over on the blog.


Cloud Storage

OCF can provide bespoke Cloud Storage capabilities to meet a variety of purposes including: Replication (Cloud TransparentCloudTiering), DR, Backup, Archive and Research Data Management. Your data is the crux of your work and your success and requires a storage estate tailored to maximise it’s impact and utilisation. Our storage expertise spans on-premises hardware and Public Cloud allowing us to design, build, install and maintain the right storage estate for you.

HPC Cloud Replication

We all have a spare key for our house, in case of emergency… Well what if you could have a second cluster, exactly like yours, in case of emergency? OCF can build a replica of your cluster that’s ready to spin up in the Public Cloud to do exactly this. This will allow you to provide a reliable service by having a “standby” cluster by having continuity during Disaster Recovery and planned system downtime. Our expert Storage team will work with you to ensure that the right solution is in place to get the data you need to the replica cluster as part of this service.

On Demand Research Computing Platform

Providing a Research Computing Infrastructure that meets the needs of all your users has become an increasingly complex task. Gone are the days of homogenous computing clusters, now you need a range of node types, a variety of co-processors and a plethora of software ranging from “Off the shelf” to hand coded which can be decades old or changing daily! The number of staff and amount of time, space, power, cooling and money you need to do it all is huge… Or, you could subscribe to a platform designed to meet your needs, administered for you, that’s practically infinite in size with all the latest co-processors, software builds and no need to use up valuable space by building another data centre!

Private Cloud

Cloud services give you a flexible infrastructure that allows you tailor your resources to your ever changing needs. But what if this needs to stay on your premises? We can achieve this by building a private cloud such as OpenStack. By building a private Cloud Infrastructure you can have the flexibility to reassign resource to meet your most pressing needs at any given point in time, without having to constrain your users. A private cloud allows you to build your infrastructure from commodity hardware and manage it thorough scripting and automation. By using it to manage and automate pools of hardware resources, providing infrastructure can be done at a lower cost than having to provision kit specifically for a given purpose. Ultimately, you are achieving better use and allocation of your resources – making your hardware work harder for the money you’ve invested in it – avoiding any wasted resource.


Software containers (such as Docker) are tools which are widely used in DevOps, which is concerned with the development, deployment, and management of applications. Containers allow you to divide the code that makes up your application into individual units, which makes it simpler to alter or update a unit of the application without affecting the entire system.  It can also allow you to use a multitude of languages in the development of a single applications, giving you the ability to use the best code for each component task of your application.  Containers are similar to virtual machines in that they act like a computer within a computer and are separated from the host computer, which means they can’t affect the host computer’s operating systems. The advantage that containers have is that they require less resource because they use virtual copies of the operating systems, not the hardware — which allows them to run more quickly and efficiently.  As well as being a more efficient way to run code on a system, containers can provide an easier route to reproducible workflows (a key requirement for good scientific research) due to their lack of reliance on a specific version of an Operating System or Library.

OCF can help you take advantage of containerisation on a variety of platforms including HPC, a dedicated PaaS and Private or Public Cloud infrastructure using the best Open Source or Enterprise tools.

Case Studies


HPC Cloud Environment Supports Cancer, Cardio-Vascular and Rare Diseases Research

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