Technology Networks, How Can Object Storage Help Manage Research Data?

by Martin Ellis, Pre-Sales Engineer at OCF Ltd

Today’s “left-over” data can be the basis of tomorrow’s breakthrough. As we keep data for longer and try harder to share and re-use data, it becomes critical that data is accurately catalogued and easily retrievable. Although long touted as the saviour to the scalability crisis being waged on file systems, object storage still remains niche outside of web-scale deployments.

What is object storage?

Object storage is a way of storing huge numbers of files without having to worry about where they live or manage a folder-based file system. Object stores can be distributed over many sites, including globally. This ensures data remains available even during major site failures and can allow faster access to data from remote locations.

Parallel file systems are great at delivering multiple petabytes as a single file system, but for some the volume of data is becoming not a technological issue, but a human issue. The directory structure becomes too cumbersome for users to navigate and a new workflow is needed. In this space, object storage could truly thrive.

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