Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

HPC, Storage & AI | OCF

This past month has been a challenging time for the world, everyday life and liberties have all been affected in some way as people have had to adapt to revised work and home routines.

The entire team here at OCF has come together in a superb fashion; all departments are effective and working closely with our clients and partners, to ensure that together we continue to meet all demands.

I wanted to share some of this month’s highlights showing the ways we have continued to succeed.

As previously shared, the OCF team is working with a world-leading scientific research group on a cluster deployment, which is currently running in the OCF Labs. As part of the testing phase, the client and OCF have agreed to execute the Folding@home open source computing program over their NVIDIA DGX1 nodes; thus, helping the worldwide effort in fighting COVID-19.

OCF has also assisted multiple universities utilise their spare compute resource and released our teams scripts to help other institutions kickstart their own Folding@home efforts, this can be found at –

The OCF technical team has also been working closely with the available remote hands at client sites to ensure remote access, allowing us to continue with several x86 based cluster installations from our home offices. These clients in turn can continue to support critical services to the UK during this time.

As you can imagine with the business we are in, several of OCF’s clients are actively involved in either research related to COVID-19 or directly in the UK’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It has been humbling to see the work these organisations are doing, and the speed in which they have responded to this unique situation is tremendously impressive. OCF’s engineering and support teams are doing everything possible to support clients and we are very proud of the small contribution our organisation has been able to make to some of these projects.

In addition to this, OCF support teams continue to provide our high level of customer care, supporting business critical systems to all our clients.  This has been achieved from the safety of our home offices / kitchen tables and I for one am extremely proud of our teams for working so diligently.

Out of hours, some of our OCF team has also been assisting others by joining the NHS Volunteer Emergency Responders programme and making 3D Printing of PPE equipment for care workers, which is simply fantastic.

We recognise that the social aspect of everyone’s daily life has been severely affected by the fight against the virus; because of this we have worked hard to ensure that the OCF team continues to enjoy the interaction with each other, albeit more remote than usual. To this end, we have regular virtual coffee calls and afternoon tea sessions, giving everyone the opportunity to have a good laugh and a joke, blow off some steam and in some cases, compete in the beard growing competition! We also have a regular ‘Pub Quiz’ on a Friday, which I always look forward to but still never manage to win.

I am aware that our clients have their own challenges in continuing to drive their businesses forwards effectively and I want to remind you all that if we can help in any way, please do reach out. OCF has a heritage of being flexible, fast thinking, adapting to complex changes and getting the required results for all our clients. I am extremely proud to say we are all rising to this challenge.

So, with that, I hope you and your families are safe, and that you continue to keep calm, get creative, and carry on.

Russell Slack

Managing Director

OCF Limited