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OCF: Creating high performance computing, storage and data analytics that truly meet your needs

With over 15-years of experience in high performance computing and managing large-scale data challenges, our creative solutions could be just what your company is looking for.

From discovering the origins of the universe to statistical analysis of the genetics of the British population, we’re helping organisations like yours achieve amazing things.

Case Studies


HPC Cloud Environment Supports Cancer, Cardio-Vascular and Rare Diseases Research

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OCF worked with Simpact Engineering to upscale CPU capacity. The result is that Simpact's LS-DYNA 3D models delivered optimum performance on 128 CPU cores, and the challenging project timescales were met. They can now meet the demand from large OEMs, which wasn't previously possible.

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QED Naval

QED Naval, a specialist, engineering consultancy in the field of marine renewable energy, wanted a faster and more efficient way to run complex simulations to increase the speed of learning, without huge cost implications. Their trial of encore has now extended into full commercial use and is helping to drive vastly improved simulation times and improving their competitive edge.

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Flow HD

FlowHD, which is the sole UK reseller of XFlow CFD application, needed flexible and cost effective access to a modern HPC cluster to deliver its solution to a major automotive manufacturer. With the OCF enCORE service, FlowHD were able to deliver a full SaaS solution to their client, providing remote visualisation for pre and post processing, and the ability to submit compute jobs using up to 2,000 CPU cores.

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Wellcome Trust Centre For Human Genetics

A new high performance service clusters helps research at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Oxford put through five times more work on a machine with the same energy footprint.

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"OCF has the right people, the expertise and resources to provide services, support and consultancy in addition to the hardware and software solutions that we require."

Clare Gryce, University College London

"Research is driving our adoption of HPC. Compared to this time last year, our researchers - and we have about 100 active users - can put through around five times more work and are doing so on a machine with the same energy footprint. With the support of OCF and its hardware partners we're now fully armed to meet today's challenges."

Dr Robert Esnouf, WTCHG

"We’ve been working with OCF since 2004. The team has always delivered to our needs and gone the extra mile providing services, support and consultancy in addition to the hardware and software solutions. OCF listens and understands our needs, putting forward ideas that we haven’t even thought about."

Dr Oz Parchment, University of Southampton

"The HPC service built by OCF has proven over the past two years to be of immense value to a multitude of researchers at the University. Instead of buying small workstations, researchers are using our central HPC service because it is easy for them to buy and add their own cores when required."

Paul Hatton, University of Birmingham

"With the use of the enCORE hardware we are now able to run large models in less than half the elapsed time. This has had a significant impact on our product development process."

Tim Williams, joint founder and Director, Simpact

"Early benchmarking is showing that the new system is three times faster than our previous cluster – research that used to take a month now takes a week, and what took a week now only takes a few hours. That’s a massive improvement that’ll be a great benefit to research at the University."

Christopher Woods, EPSRC Research Software Engineer Fellow, University of Bristol

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