OCF, Our Supercomputing Heritage

Since 2002, OCF has been supplying Unix and Linux high performance computing solutions to higher education, research and industry throughout the UK & Ireland

OCF's history and plans for the future

Designing, delivering, deploying, testing and supporting HPC solutions requires significant expertise. OCF's in-house professional services capabilities and technology expertise, across our pre-sales, sales, engineering, operations, support and project management teams make it possible to for us to guide customers through the whole process from conception to a production ready service of an HPC solution.

The HPC marketplace is constantly evolving. With the "traditional" HPC market maturing, customers are requiring more enterprise services which OCF is meeting by offering expanded professional services capabilities, fully managed services packages and stand-alone consultancy to meet these customer demands.

As technology continues to advance, cloud computing is becoming a viable alternative to solely on-premise HPC computing, and the combination of big data and compute power opens the door to the serious adoption of AI and machine learning. OCF's expertise together with its solution partners allows us to support customers in adopting these new technologies today and into the future.

The OCF business grows from strength to strength, and with a management buy-out in November 2019, by three long-standing employees, OCF will continue to support its new and existing customers in meeting their HPC, storage, cloud and AI requirements long into the future.

Russell Slack

OCF Managing Director